Dubai-Facebook has launched a new application for social networking targeting adolescent school students.

Participants in the new application publishes, which carries the name "live stidg" and is currently available on Apple devices only in the United States, photos and videos focusing on feelings and things they love and they don't like it.

All posts will be public, and there are no options to limit viewing to certain people. This application designer said that the idea is to form a bond between students in each school.

Bernie Hogan said, Oxford Institute online, the lack of privacy settings in the app is a source of concern.

Per school students can see each student's personal account if the number of participants in the school to 20 or more. He said the site "tech crunch" to users over the age of 21 years will be able to view only their own personal files. However, the application warns it cannot guarantee whether all users reviews.

Application Designer, said: "we can make sure that people who claim to go to a certain school actually go to that school. And be all videos uploaded to your public profile. The new application does not allow its users to exchange messages, but you can view the contact details of other sites like "snapchat" and "endeavors.

And got the app is currently rated 2.5 star on "iTunes store", as some comments that "a bit slow" and "confusing". According to the website "statista" email to statistics, only eight percent of Facebook users in the United States between the ages of 13 and 19 years.

The application of design Michael sayeman, a production manager in a company "Facebook" at the age of 19 years. Spreading the message sayeman Facebook says that the app is structured around the early days of the original network for social networking.

He said: "go back to 2004, everything was in" Facebook "is about" who am I ". I could have posted things about emotional relationship. And if I could share my favorite music with others. It wasall aboutexpressing myself. "

He added: "today, after growth of Facebook a lot, see an opportunity to explore the concept of" I "again, but for the new generation this year." -(BBC)